Sean Stoff, Christopher Reed, injured in Christian County crash

At approximately 1:30 am on Wednesday, May 9th, Sean Stoff, 33, Lee Summit, and Christopher Reed, 29, of Raytown, were both seriously injured when their cars collided at the intersection of Highway 350 and Maple Avenue in Jackson County. The accident began when Mr. Reed attempted to cross over the intersection and was struck by Mr. Summit. According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol crash report, both parties were severely injured and had to be rushed to the Research Medical Center by Jackson County EMS. Mr. Reed was not wearing his safety belt at the time of the accident.

A traffic accident can be an extremely painful and even traumatic event. We at the law offices of Kevin J. Roach wish all of the parties a speedy and thorough recovery.

The Legal Claims

Missouri offers an extensive and robust system of personal injury law meant to protect those who have been hurt due to the negligent actions of others. Here, fault may go either way and the injured parties might seek compensation for their medical expenses, property damage, lost wages, and pain and suffering, from the party determined at fault and his insurer.

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