Jeffrey Dawson, 47, Cedar Hill, injured in wreck on I-44

At approximately 11:15 am on May 1st, Jeffrey Dawson, 47, of Cedar Hill, was injured in a car wreck on Interstate 44 just west of Bowles Avenue. The accident occurred when Michael Scott, 69, of Eureka, MO, struck the rear right side of Mr. Dawson’s vehicle as Mr. Scott attempted to merge into his lane. Upon impact, both men lost control of their vehicles and left the roadway and traveled through a nearby fence. Mr. Dawson’s vehicle flipped before coming to a stop. According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol crash report, Mr. Dawson suffered moderate injuries. He was transported to Mercy Hospital in St. Louis for treatment, and later released. Mr. Scott was uninjured.

A traffic accident can be a painful experience. We at the law offices of Kevin J. Roach wish all parties a quick and thorough recovery.

The Legal Claims

Missouri offers a robust system of personal injury law meant to protect those who are injured through the negligence of another. Here, Mr. Scott was likely at fault and Mr. Dawson will be able to pursue claims for lost wages, medical bills, property damage and pain and suffering, from Mr. Scott and his insurer.

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