3 Hospitalized in 5-Vehicle Crash on I-294 in Oakbrook

3 Injured in Oakbrook Crash on I-294

Oakbrook Crash

3 Hospitalized in 5-Vehicle Crash on I-294 in Oakbrook

Oakbrook, Illinois (January 27, 2018) – Three people were injured following a collision involving five vehicles on I-294 in Oakbrook Friday morning, Illinois State Police said.

The accident took place at about 7:50 a.m. Friday, January 26, on the southbound lanes of I-294 at I-290.

According to the state police report, a semi-trailer rear-ended a car, causing a chain reaction crash,

Illinois state police reported stated that tone person was hospitalized with serious injuries and two others with non-life-threatening injuries.

All lanes of southbound I-294 were shut during an investigation and clean-up operation, but the traffic could still get in by the far-right shoulder, police said.

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