Many products used by consumers perform their intended tasks safely and without incident. However, defective products can cause serious injuries. In these cases, a skilled personal injury attorney could help hold a negligent manufacturer accountable.

You could recover a monetary award from the maker of the defective product if you sustained injuries due to a product defect. Let a Ballwin defective products lawyer help you with your injury case so that you do not have to bear the financial cost of your recovery.

Types of Product Defects

There are different ways a defective product could result in a serious bodily injury, and each case is unique. With the help of a hardworking local attorney, it could be possible to identify the nature of a defective product and pursue legal action against the manufacturer. There are three main categories used to identify a defective product case: defective design, defective manufacturing, and failure to inform.

Defective Design

There are situations where the design of a product is so inherently flawed that the resulting product is unreasonably dangerous. Design flaws may occur when manufacturers cut corners or attempt to rush the design process. With a dangerous design, every product in the product line is likely defective.

Defective Manufacturing

An appropriately designed product could become dangerous due to a defect during manufacturing. This type of defect could occur during the manufacturing process or at any point in the supply chain. A manufacturing defect could also happen during transportation, storage, or even in a retail setting. A defective manufacturing claim could impact an entire product line, a single item, or anything in between.

Failure to Inform

Even the safest, most well-designed and manufactured product could result in serious injuries if the instructions for its use are not clear. A manufacturer could face liability if it provides inadequate or confusing instructions, and a claim could result from missing instructions or the lack of appropriate hazard warnings on the product.

Time Limits on Defective Products Lawsuits

Every jurisdiction applies a strict time limit on defective product lawsuits known as the statute of limitations. While the statutory period in the area is longer than most other jurisdictions, the deadline to file a claim can feel rushed for an injured victim.

According to law, the statute of limitations expires exactly five years from the date of the injury. This deadline could be extended in cases where the injury was not immediately detectable.

Filing a lawsuit after the expiration of the statute of limitations could have steep consequences. A judge is likely to dismiss a case with prejudice if it is filed after the five-year time frame ends. While there are limited circumstances where the court may extend this deadline, it is uncommon for it to do so. The best course of action is to discuss a claim with a proactive product liability attorney in the area well before the five-year time frame is nearing its end.

Consult a Defective Products Attorney in Ballwin Now

From appliances to cleaning supplies, there are countless products that could cause severe injuries if they are defective. These injuries could result in unexpected physical, financial, and emotional challenges.

You do not have to take on these challenges by yourself. Contacting a Ballwin defective products lawyer could help ease the difficulties that you are facing because of your injury. Call us today to learn about options available for your case.