Boats are a common form of recreation, offering a relaxing day on the water while enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. However, there are also substantial risks associated with boating, especially on crowded waterways.

If you have sustained injuries in a nautical incident, a dedicated personal injury attorney might be able to help. Pursuing a claim for compensation could cover your medical bills and ease the strain of missed paychecks during your recovery period. Learn about your legal options during a consultation with a Ballwin boat accident lawyer.

Types of Boat Accidents

Nautical incidents could take numerous forms. These crashes may involve multiple vessels, or might only involve a single boat and its passengers. A boat injury lawyer in the area could investigate the basis of a crash and its cause. Some common examples of these types of incidents include:

Collisions with Other Vessels

Carelessness could result in one vessel striking another on the water—often at high speeds. These collisions could also involve smaller vessels, including jet skis. This form of incident may lead to serious injuries from the impact and also carries a severe risk of drowning for anyone thrown from the boat.

Running Aground

A nautical accident may involve a vessel striking land. This could involve running aground a beach and frequently occurs when a boat strikes a submerged landmass or sand bar just below the surface of the water. Grounding in this way could damage the boat and injure its passengers.

Overboard Accidents

Not all nautical mishaps involve a crash. Some of the most devastating incidents occur when a passenger falls overboard. This could happen when the operator is traveling at unsafe speeds or if multiple passengers are roughhousing.

Striking a Fixed Object

It is not uncommon for serious nautical accidents to involve a collision with a fixed object. These fixed objects could include docks or piers. This type of collision is especially common when an operator is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Boat Accident Compensation

There are different forms of monetary compensation that a diligent local attorney could work to recover in a boat injury lawsuit. The nature and severity of the incident will determine what types of compensation might be available. Examples of damages include:

Medical Expenses

A boat crash could result in injuries serious enough to require substantial medical care. The cost of this medical care—including hospitalization, medication, or surgical procedures—could be recovered through a civil lawsuit.

Property Damage

In addition to the bills associated with medical care, it could also be possible to recoup the cost of the damage to the vessel itself. This could include the cost of either repairing the damage or replacing the vessel entirely.

Lost Wages

Many serious vessel accident injuries require time away from work to heal. When this time off results in missed paychecks, a civil claim could recover those lost wages from the responsible party.

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Nautical incidents have the potential to cause devastating injuries and property loss. If you were injured in this type of crash caused by someone else, you could have a strong claim for monetary compensation.

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