Are Some People Hesitant about Pursuing a Personal Injury Case?

Interviewer: Do you ever deal with people that they are hesitant as far as wanting to pursue a case?

Kevin Roach: Yes.  I see people all the time that they're really hesitant to hire an attorney.  They think it’s a black mark on them personally if they retain an attorney.  Many people have misconceptions about what lawyers do.  Most people don’t want to hire a lawyer and simply don’t like lawyers until they need one.

It Can Be a Common Misconception That Attorneys Thrive on Lawsuits

They probably are just hesitant because they probably had frowned upon that kind of thing before. Also, people are somewhat disillusioned about what attorneys do for people.

Some People Don’t Realize That Attorneys Protect the Interests of the Average Person

Some people think attorneys are just out to sue everybody.  They don’t realize that we are here to protect the “little guy” and try to get them compensation for their injuries, just as insurance companies are just out to settle claims for a reduced amount or flat out deny coverage.

People are realizing more and more that insurance companies are not their friends and that they are very good at collecting premiums and very bad at paying claims.  Insurance policies typically have many exclusions or fine print that nobody ever bothers to read until it’s too late.  What I’m seeing is that people are tired of it and don’t want to simply take the peanuts they are given.  They want to hire a lawyer and get what they deserve.

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